Food has been a imperative part to my healing journey from stage 4 thynoma cancer! The food you eat has a DRAMATIC impact on your wellbeing, mental toughness and in my case the ability to fight cancer. I've been asked a lot about how I can eat a "keto vegan lifestyle" and not get bored so i made this series of videos to show you my favorite recipes! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, time consuming or EXPENSIVE. Today i'm going to share with you a healthy keto vegan recipe that takes only 5 minutes, and has helped me reverse my Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis. My name is Owen and I am a stage 4 cancer thriver - the doctors gave me 2 years to live and sent me home to die but I took matters into my own hands and decided to beat my cancer. One year later I have no cancer symptoms and Im healthier than ever. Im not in remission YET but I will be soon and if you or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer - this channel will provide you with a roadmap to remission. This is a video that we put together for one of our clients that is a professional YouTube coach. He's a very perfectionist client and normally has a few revisions before he's happy with the final output but after working with him for a while and getting to know his editing preferences our editors were able to create this video for him without a single revision request. We would love to get familiar with your editing preferences so we could do the same thing with your videos!
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