Common Questions & Answers

Where will my raw footage and final edits be stored?

When you sign up with us we will create a Google Team Drive for you that has unlimited storage on it. We will use this team drive to store all of your raw footage and exports of your completed videos and project files. You can choose to manually upload your footage to this drive or you can use the Google Drive App to automatically sync footage from your phone or desktop computer.

What is the cost for editing my videos?

We charge a $50/month subscription to our clients to have an account with us. This subscription allows clients to have direct access to their assigned project manager via their dedicated Slack channel. 

For each task that we work on we will charge for the hours that are spent working on the task. We will track the time using the TaskFunnels time tracking system. Our hourly rate for video editors is $15/hr.

Subscribers have access to a secure task portal that shows live information about any tasks that are currently being worked on. Any of the tasks that you give us will be tracked on our time tracking system that rounds to the hundredth of an hour. At the end of the week your card on file will be charged for the cost of any of the hours that have been worked on your tasks. 

What platform edit your videos?

Our editing team will use Adobe Premiere to edit your videos. 

To make the revision process easy we will utilize Frame.io to allow our clients to easily review and suggest edits for their videos. We provide stock footage and stock music for any edits we do by using our company accounts for Envato and Soundstream. These accounts can be used by our editors to get any media that they need to enhance your edits.

What else can we offer besides Video Editing services?

In addition to our video editing team we have many other workers that are available to help you with any tasks you need assistance with. If you need a website, we have a full stack team of developers that can help with website building, maintenance and even more advanced projects such as the creation of chrome extensions or custom web apps. In addition, we also have a full team of Virtual Assistants that are also available to assist with your more repetitive tasks. 

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