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We'll help you leverage the power of video. Our team of Video Editors can take your raw footage and create customized and entertaining videos that your viewers will love. Simple pricing for Unlimited Videos.


We Can Save You Time & Money With Video Editing

We’re sure you’ll appreciate the quality of our video editing services, but our clients consistently tell us that they really appreciate the most is the customer service that our system provides. After signing up, each client is provided with a dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager. These managers will be available to help you with your questions and are available to input any tasks into the task system for you. 

Do you have multiple videos you need to be edited at the same time? Not a problem we are happy to edit multiple videos at once. 

Do you have a certain video that you need to be prioritized so it’s edited before your others? Not a problem at all, with one click you can flag any of your tasks as a priority task so it’s worked on before your others. Or, if you would prefer to just send your Project Manager a message on your dedicated Slack channel to tell them to mark it as a priority for you they would be more than happy to do so.

SAMPLE EDIT: VLOG With Mike - Camotes House Tour Video

Trouble Free Employees Company VLOG


Getting A Video Edited Is Simple

Upload Your Raw Footage
We will provide you with a Google Team Drive that has unlimited storage on it that you can use to upload your raw footage. You can either upload your raw footage manually, or you can use the Google Drive app on your phone or computer to upload it automatically as you go. 
Let Us Know What Edits You Would Like Made
Would you like us to make a long-form edit? Would you like us to make a short form ‘reel’ style edit? Would you like us to make multiple edits from the same raw footage? Maybe a longer form one and some shorter form ‘reel’ style edits? We are happy to do whatever you need to be done, just let us know and our team will get to work on it for you.
View Initial Edits On Frame.io And Suggest Any Edits You Want Made
When our editors have finished editing version one of your video they will send you a frame.io link for you to review. Using this link you can easily suggest any changes that you would like to be made so our editors can get your videos to be just how you want them to be. If you need to submit multiple rounds of revisions that's fine. Or, if you are happy with version one of your edit then you can download it as is and we'll mark the video as complete.
Need A Custom Thumbnail? We Can Help You With That Too
Your video thumbnail can have a big effect on how many people will view your video. We want to make sure that the thumbnail looks just how you want it to look. If you see the first version and decide that you want some changes made then just let us know and our team will continue to adjust things until they are just how you want them to be.
Download The Finished Video & Thumbnail Or Instruct Your Project Manager Where You Want To Have It Posted
In addition to having a team of Video Editors, we also have a full team of Graphic Designers, Virtual Assistants, and Web Developers that are also able to assist you. If you would like us to post your finalized edits to your YouTube Channel, Facebook pages, or social media schedulers or even create a website for you to post your videos on, we are happy to do that for you. Just let us know how we can assist!

Why We're Different

Some Things Our Customers Like

Each Video Is 100% Custom Made

Each of our clients has different wants and needs. The videos we make for them are completely customized for each of them. After you get started and we begin to work with you our team will learn more about how you like your videos. As we get more experienced with your projects we will typically see fewer review requests the longer we work together.

We want you to get the best return on the time you spend filming your videos and we suggest that when possible, you have us make multiple edits of each video so you have different edits that can be posted to your various social media platforms and websites. We can easily take your long form edit and also break it into a series of shorts and platform specific edits. Just let us know what you need and we'll get right on it. 

Members Receive Ongoing Support

We are here to help you for the long term. We will store your raw footage and finalized videos on your Google Drive as long as your account is active with us. So, if in the future you need any changes made to existing edits or would like us to use your previous footage to create new edits we are happy to work with you to create whatever you would like us to make. Our goal is to be your go to, reliable source for all of your video editing needs.


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Ready To Get Started?

We are looking forward to working with you. Once you're able to focus on just filming and no longer having to edit amazing things are bound to happen.


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Membership Includes: TaskBoard + UNLIMITED Videos + UNLIMITED Team Access

Instantly have access to a team of high end video editors who will be able to take your projects from raw footage all the way to your final output.

Our members get an Unlimited Number Of Video Edits included in their membership. They just pay for the hours that are spent on any tasks that we do for them.

Our members have control over their projects. For example, if they don't want their editors to take very much time on an edit and would prefer a "quick and dirty" version to save some time, they can easily cap the amount of hours that will be spent on their projects when they submit the tasks.

In addition to having access to the Video Editoring team, members will also get access to the rest of our team to help with other projects our subscribers need assistance with. We have a "Full Stack Team" that includes Front & Back End Developers, UI/UX Specialists, Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers, Wordpress Technicians, GHL, Laravel, Python, and iOS Specialists. Funnel Designers, and more. All at your fingertips 24/7!

A huge benefit of your Trouble Free Videos membership is that you will enjoy unlimited access to our whole team of specialists whenever you need them, but you only need to pay for the actual hours that are worked on your tasks whenever you have something for us to do.

* The cost for this service is $50/mo. Upon signup we will also collect a deposit of $550 which will act as a credit towards any hours worked on your account that can be used during the first 60 days of your membership. If you do not use your $550 worth of hours during the first 60 days of membership they will expire. The total amount that will be charged to your card today will be $600.


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